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Your best source for Game Hacks & Cheats. We are currently offering PUBG, Escape from Tarkov and Apex Cheats. All on the same base with the same loader! Conquer the battlefield with EASE and K#Smert. Purchase today and become one of the top players in the world! We are developing the best and safest Hacks in the Market / always updated to latest Patch. Check our forums to get info about all our helpers.

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We always make sure our cheats are safe and secure. There are no viruses or backdoors here.

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WZ | WZ2 | MW2 Cheat

$ 15.5 /7 Days

  • Never detected
  • Perfect legit Aimbot
  • Rage AIMBOT
  • Loads of settings
  • 3D Players
  • Legit Recoil Compensation
  • Game dependent special features
  • Cheat TypeExternal



Apr 14 2018

I have played around a total of 18 hours with Kradaus Cheats and haven't been banned although I never use its features to rage. Very clear visuals and perfect aim. Even though the aim is a bit "snappy", when watched in death cam or replay it looks completely legit! All the features work well and did not get me banned. The website is very easy to navigate and also looks as great as any. If any support is needed there is always Krad in Discord available to help. ++


June 02 2018

Im writing this review after 150+ hours of use and i can already tell that i had a really amazing time using it, many epic fights, lootdrop steals, overall derpness ... and super hilarious bloopers xD
Aimbot 8/10 The aimbot at early stage comes without many options, but it does its job quite well. You just have to be cautious to not trace targets trough walls and stuff. Very unnoticeable if you quick tap-shoot with it.
Visual 10/10 Very nice esp with customizable colors and distance sliders to adjust it to your liking, wether you want to go legit with friends or go apeshit solo! Also includes an option for a 420 noscope crosshair!
Security: 10/10 Nothing to add here!
Support 9/10 Their support is amazingly fast from Krad and able to help you with any problem you face. Also they're insanely fast at patching the hack after pubg patches their game, which was really refreshing to see!
Overall 9/10 Very good hack to play and have a ton of fun with, many things to customize, constant updates and the price is really good for what you get, compared to other trusted and serious h4x0rz Also keep in mind that you can use it to stream and show off ur mad skillz on tweedch and get all the grillz Kappa
Best regards


Aug 20 2018

I have been a member of the K# Community since december 2017 and i have loved every cheeto i bought from here. The fortnite cheeto is flawless, and I have personally tried the private PUBG, K#Smert. Its same as described, i was wowed at first i got that in hand.
The Aimbot, as described is "topnotch". The Bulletdrop-Prediction of it is really OP!
What really makes it OP and worth it in my guess is the ESP. Well i mean.. you only need ESP tbh to win a game in PUBG. But the X-Ray Features is freakin beautiful, and makes it easy to see which enemys are in ur sight, and which not.
Oh and not to forget.. the Community is just great! As you buy, you can also get an invite to the private Discord, dont forget to dm Krad for that. If you ask any question there, you get an answer in 30 minutes.
Latest and greatest, not to mention im glad to have found a legit provider. I have been thru privatecheatz, battlegroundcheats and lost at least 160$ to those bastards.. Vouch for Krad!!! <3


April 29 2018

Awesome programming and attention to detail, The ESP is incredibly comprehensive, care packages and dropped items all display high tier items as you get closer, even little touches such as turning off the visuals when you tab into your inventory so you can get a clean screenshot,

I rarely use the aimbot but expect it to wipe out a 4 man squad no bothers, the auto bone feature targets the edges of bodies as they peek around corners,

The loader was a simple, download, login, play, nothing to configure along with instant access after purchasing,

If you want to spend more time shooting rather than endlessly pick up items in every room, this is for you.

- A very happy customer

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I do not give out trials anymore as it would affect cheat safety when alot of people get to use it. We are working with a very limited userbase, please understand that. If you have a trusted forums account anywhere, you can contact me anyways to request one!

We know that there are many competitors out there selling their cheats for half of what we do. You just have to know, they will have at least double the users as we do. That means more detections and less safety! Also, we do incorporate regular changes to our cheats from user feedback. To that you get a streamable Cheat.

Bans are not existent on our platform because of detection. Although, if you kill a huge amount of people in a game + play very obvious they will review player reports and manual ban your account. In case that happens, a HWID Spoofer is included with all our cheats.

Check the Cheat Status on our main forums page.

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