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  • FAQ - for all that are wondering what they are and should be purchasing




    What are the odds of getting banned with your cheat?


    Getting banned is very hard with our cheats. For example on PUBG even if you rage and get a lot of reports you will only receive a "24hrs Ban" and will be unbanned afterwards because they cannot review every account. On Apex you don't even get banned for raging that instantly. Detections are also very very rare, we had our last one in 2019 for example. Which is always fixed in a matter of a week with times compensated. That is a big difference from a lot of other cheats which will just exit scam if something isn't working anymore.



    How is injection working?


    I am working with a web-based loader that offers many advantages compared to normal ones where you would have to redownload every time it needs an update.

    + It cannot be detected by any anti-cheats since its nothing inside. You can be rest assured, every time you load in the cheat you are getting the latest and safest version.



    Can I play legit using this?


    Yes, for legit playing it is important to adapt playing style. I make it easier for you by enabling VisCheck, which means aimbot won't be locking on people behind walls etc. It's also important to set the FOV (in which the aimbot triggers) small and put the smoothing setting to rather high so you do not lock out of nowhere on people. Play it safe!



    What Windows do you support?


    I support all versions of Windows 7 to 10, even up to 20h2.



    What hardware do you support?


    I support all processors and graphic cards.



    Why can't I purchase a daily subscription to try it out first?


    I am trying to not give too many people access to the cheat, which ultimately leads to more safety. Please understand that. Weekly Subs are available.




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