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Purchasing my Cheats

Welcome to Krad# - to purchase please follow the instructions below...


If you have purchased, or you are unsure about anything: Please add me up on Discord Krad#1111 - I respond to every single request and try my best to help you out.


Compensations if somethings not working is always given by me (which should never be the case, but as well all know things always tend to go wrong). So don't hesitate to purchase.

Windows 7 to 10 is supported. Including all processors / graphic cards.


Enjoy your play - with K#.


Please register yourself to view all of our sections, and be able to view unlimited pages / purchase our Cheats!


We have not only the best but the cheats that are the most stable in the market.


How to purchase a Cheat from us, its very easy! :


1. Purchase a subscription from our Store.


2. The Hack you purchased will be delivered to "Store --> Manage Purchases". You will manually need to confirm your purchase with me before you use. Contact me on Discord at Krad#1111 . Your time isnt running meanwhile. 


3. Check the Download under "Downloads" and Guide under " Guides". These 2 sections will be available automatically after you purchase.


The forum here now will be our main site for downloads and information. If you have any problems with any of our Cheats you can easily post a thread here or contact me on Discord.



Happy cheating,


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