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Referral System Added!


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Sup everyone, not only can you purchase the best PUBG Hacks on here. We also added Refferals now to the Forums. 


Along with this I introduced a new role "Referral Master".


There are 2 ways to be accounted for a referral:


When people sign up, they have a chance to write their username who referred them, so make sure if your friends sign up this way THEY KNOW TO ADD YOUR NAME!


Now, how do you refer someone to the website? Simply follow these instructions:

1. Login to the website using your account

2. Click your profile name in the top right corner of the website





3. Click the "Referrals" button.

4. Now, enter a friend's email in the box where it says "Enter friends mail required", click "Add Another" if you have more than 1 friend to invite. You can add a maximum 50 per session, and 100 per day.

5. Enter a custom message to send to your friends 

6. Click Save

That is it! They receive the invite link in their email, and once registered your account gets the referral points for their register.

You can confirm someone has been referred to you by checking their profile, and looking below their picture:


Once you invite 20 people to the website you gain the rank "Referral Master". There will be MANY other benefits for this referral system introduced in the future, for example this is being used within our first giveaway here on the website!

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