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K#Smert best PUBG Hacks


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K#Smert, advanced in its working and undetected for quite awhile! While this PUBG Hack is working flawlessly with every PC, it guarantees at the same time the smoothest cheating experience. Legit af i would call that! Many PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Hacks are out there for  sale, alot of them scam, or unreliable, always offline for update, or external for laggy. Offline time happens also to Smert, though you know it before the purchase / its not available than for purchase.. Our status is always updated to the latest, so you can keep track with our PUBG Cheats and Hacks. Because we want to grant you the best experience possible, we also use bypasses that keep it low, and generating unique builds every 24hrs. No joke!


And because we dont want you to spend alot of money on one of our cheats and get disappointed after we give you the opportunity to try it out for a day!!


Just check out our PUBG Hacks Store: https://kradau.com/store/


But because we are not afraid of showing our cheats off, we also got it on tape, would u look at that:



But not just that... if the offer of daily trial doesnt convince you to buy, well okay i got some other shit going.


So well first of all this PUBG Hack is perfectly made. Put much effort in the details such as displaying grenades as a red dot through walls etc. so you will always see it. Flashbangs and Smokes are ofc displayed as Green so you dont get mistaken there. If u just killed a keyboard warrior, and he goes to spectate, record and livestream you. Well you see spectators always on top :). And yes, so is this PUBG Hacks build. Easy. Efficient. Gamebreaking. 


We strive to always deliver the best quality possible. If you have anymore questions, simply contact me on Discord, get it on the mainpage https://kradau.com/forums


If your now finally interested to buy that damn Smert just check this thread out, k: 



Give it a go and you will not be disappointed!


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