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K#SpaceX PUBG Cheat


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The most advanced PUBG Cheat in 2021.

Offering more features than any other cheats.

Superior stability and safety.












Purchase here






Contact Krad#1111 in Discord




Features + Explanation:


- SAVE CFG - save your cheat configuration

- Radar - displays enemys on your map on the bottom right

- Eye Line - displays the direction your enemy is aiming at

- 2D Box - displays a 2D Box around all enemys

- 3D Box - displays a 3D Box around all enemys

- Snapline - displays a line to all enemys near you

- Skeleton - displays a skeleton for all enemys

- HP Bar - displays HP Bar for enemys

- Player Name - ability to see all names ingame

- ESP Distance - set distance visible Player ESP

- Item Distance - set distance visible Item ESP

- All color settings you see, you can set the color for each item displayed

- Skip Lvl1 / Lvl2 - skip all the LvL 1 or 2 items on the item ESP for quick looting





Choose between HEAD / BODY to aim at


Choose AimKey - all keys supported including mouse

VisCheck - Checks if enemys are visible and only aims at them when they are visible

FOV - Displays a Field of View circle where you can use aimbot. It will not target enemys outside of that circle

Smooth - sets how smooth and slow aimbot locks on enemys












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