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  1. Hi, please be patient for update of Sugar. Need to crack new encrypted gamedata which will take some time. No ETA though. Moin, musst bitte bisschen warten aufs update. Ob die Zeit kompensiert wird ist noch unklar. I hope i could answer the question and greatly appreciate your patience, krad.
  2. Kradau


    haha, we get used to it.
  3. Yes i gave you a replacement for the unused time. Fix for the error: If you get subscription error. You have to edit your Hosts File in Windows Direction and add a new line with -> hackxor.me on Win10 the file is located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
  4. Updated just a day after the new PUBG update and smoothly working
  5. 3, i think we will win this game lol.
  6. Sure, we are continously trying to improve algorithm for the calculation of prediction. You have to understand how you would aim normally. And theres a bulletdrop and also the delay between shot and hit. So the bulletdrop is taken away, now its just the delay. The delay is the most important when it comes to whether it hits or dont hit an enemy. The enemy will be running around like crazy, even the best prediction cant do shit about it as long the target isnt going the direction where it aimed at. Usually its the case in 500+ meters though.
  7. Yes. Use the newest version, rn 1.27b and be sure to have your game files verified and in good shape. Same as to the .pak files.
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