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  1. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] Payment made - broken store was marked as the answer   
    Added. Yep there is error for a few people.sometimes were fixing.
  2. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] More details please was marked as the answer   
    Yo you can write me in Discord.
    You start Cheat it will show initfailed. Replace TSLGame (file also in discord) and go start game from Steam. Done. Please post questions in "Hack Questions" moved there now.
  3. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] my purchases not showing. was marked as the answer   
    Sent you the key on Discord already.
  4. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] seems like my position downed from Vip to not VIP. does it? was marked as the answer   
    Everything fine now. Discord sync for discord is at the moment disabled.
  5. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] [SOLVED] I bought it 1 month ago, then id and pw I forgot . I got it again today, help me was marked as the answer   
    The only error here is you. Please note that you might read our guide before starting to use our programs.
    Use only numbers, to register an account in Tox. Thank you.
  6. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] Hey Krad you said Tox works at KaKao Pubg was marked as the answer   
    Yes there is. Im sorry, didnt sent you the file in time. Ill sent you the file and a new day key when im back in about 4 hrs.
  7. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] Xeno - wrong keycode was marked as the answer   
    HWID of your PC is somewhat wrong, resetting it now.
  8. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] Tox Error was marked as the answer   
    as long it doesnt show the key on the error there is nothing to worry about. Just a wrong version.
  9. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] Password problem please help was marked as the answer   
    You cannot. Its on your own to save it.
  10. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] tox version failed 3-28-18 was marked as the answer   
    Exactly, update pushed and working now.
  11. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] Tox error? was marked as the answer   
    take the new version out of forums.
  12. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] [SOLVED] I have something to ask my supervisor. was marked as the answer   
    buy your key on the kradau store. 
    The key can be found after under Store ---> Manage Purchases.
  13. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] [SOLVED] NL problem was marked as the answer   
    1. Deinstall PUBG and all antivirus.
    2. Install PUBG again.
    3. Load the hack, login straight and press OK.
    4. Start PUBG now, if it gets freeze screen, wait up to 5 minutes, if it doesnt start, wait also 5 minutes for it to launch.
    Also, make sure you have the newest version of windows. Its being installed in the background, so restart the PC and wait a bit first.
  14. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Issue with PayPal was marked as the answer   
    PayPal is the best payment processor of all time.
    This is also why they randomly block people from sending payments to anyone. This block continues over a few days, sometimes they also limit the amount you can sent at once, for example can sent 49 $ 5x but not 250 $ one time. 
    There is no way how you can "immediately" lift this restriction. If you call them, they are going to answer that the security system blocks the payments automatically, because of security reasons. Might be too many payments or money going through your account. It will be lifted after a few days always. 
    Check if you have Notifications in your PayPal, if so check what they need from you. The faster you provide them with information, the faster you can sent payments again. 
    Bitcoin ftw.
  15. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Help was marked as the answer   
    add the adress to hosts files as can be found under Sugar Guide.
    Additionally change your network. Use a VPN to Germany or France, better and 100 % working is a mobile hotspot (only for logging in)
  16. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Loader File Is Not Found! was marked as the answer   
    please make sure you run the file as an administrator.
    Delete everything in %temp%.
    Redownload and restart your PC before you start the file.
    Deinstall every antivirus you have on your PC.
    Every 3rd party program that could interfer, deinstall it.
    Also try to use Softether VPN.
  17. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Sugarbot stops working was marked as the answer   
    hey, please download the newest version 6.0
    "getint.exe has stopped" is always client outdated error.
  18. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Sugarbot is not working was marked as the answer   
    please be patient for update of Sugar.
    Need to crack new encrypted gamedata which will take some time. No ETA though.
    Moin, musst bitte bisschen warten aufs update. Ob die Zeit kompensiert wird ist noch unklar.
    I hope i could answer the question and greatly appreciate your patience,
  19. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] No Active Subscription Bug was marked as the answer   
    Yes i gave you a replacement for the unused time.
    Fix for the error: 
    If you get subscription error. You have to edit your Hosts File in Windows Direction and add a new line with -> hackxor.me on Win10 the file is located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
  20. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] undetected? was marked as the answer   
  21. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] Aim prediction on long distance was marked as the answer   
    Sure, we are continously trying to improve algorithm for the calculation of prediction. 
    You have to understand how you would aim normally. And theres a bulletdrop and also the delay between shot and hit. So the bulletdrop is taken away, now its just the delay. The delay is the most important when it comes to whether it hits or dont hit an enemy. The enemy will be running around like crazy, even the best prediction cant do shit about it as long the target isnt going the direction where it aimed at. Usually its the case in 500+ meters though. 
  22. Kradau's post in [SOLVED] Crashing? was marked as the answer   
    Yes. Use the newest version, rn 1.27b and be sure to have your game files verified and in good shape. Same as to the .pak files.
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