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  • Tier #1 PUBG Mobile/Emulator Hacks and Cheats

    Claim the Winner-Winner Chicken dinner with our PUBG Mobile Hacks. Packed with full features, affordable and safe our PUBG Emulator Cheats is the best way to claim victory in any scenario. 

  • A closer look at PUBG Mobile 

    At this point in time, everyone should know what PUBG is about. If you don’t then PUBG is a battle royale which was released on multiple platforms from PC, PS5 and now on Mobile. The game registered a huge success on the Apple and Google store, with it being in the top 5 highest-grossing mobile games. It is based on unreal engine 4 making it look really good for a game that can be played on a phone. You can play solo or together with your friends. You will have to jump from the plane, aim for the best looting spot and land there. Loot everything around you and head out to fight everyone who will stay between you and that sweet “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner”. Make sure you do not get caught in the blue zone as it is quite hard to survive in it. Always aim for the best tactical zones, and take the high ground. If you are tired of campers inside the game you can use the PUBG Mobile Cheats to sniff them out of hiding. With the aimbot function, you can throw the perfect grenade, right on top of them to deliver a swift kill. 


    Why we are the best suppliers of PUBG Mobile Hacks?


    1. PUBG Emulator Hacks with 7/24 support 

    Unlike other providers who just take your money and run away with it, we are here to make sure that you get the best experience possible while using our PUBG Emulator Hacks. You can benefit from our support and guidance even before purchasing anything from our website, via the pre-sales topic where you can ask any question. Once you do purchase, you should know that everything else will be free of charge. You will have to pay nothing extra for HWID resets or remote control for example.  


    2. Undetected PUBG Emulator Cheats

    You might wonder how we keep our PUBG Emulator Cheats completely safe and Undetected. We cannot disclose the exact details, but we can tell you that our injection method is next level. It is so well coded that we never got a detection yet. Despite never being found, we do not take breaks. We have many testers that play constantly with our product and report to us directly if anything goes wrong. We are doing weekly maintenance breaks even if they are not necessary so we can keep ourselves one step ahead of the game developers.


    3. Constantly updated PUBG Emulator Cheat status page 

    Before using any PUBG Emulator Cheat we recommend you always check the status page. One of the reasons would be to not get caught in one of the maintenance breaks. The status on the mage is updated within minutes. If you see it as updating, please do not use any of our products as they are detected and need to be fixed. We do not compensate any account losses, which could be avoided by simply checking this page. Please be advised, to use the cheat only when the cheat is marked with Working.


    4. Real Price-Quality Ratio for PUBG Mobile Cheats 

    You might find cheaper PUBG Mobile Cheats than ours on the internet, but you should ask yourself, are they better? The answer is probably no. The development of cheats is a tedious process which takes time and money. Many people are being led by greed in this industry, but not us. We tried our best to deliver you a completely safe cheat, so you can actually progress through the game without any drawbacks.


    What PUBG Mobile Cheats can be found in our store? 

    Kradau grozan.jpg


    The PUBG Mobile Aimbot 

    The PUBG Mobile Aimbot is one of the top 3 functions of any hacking program. It is also known as an Aim-Assist System. They can be simpler, or have a lot of features. Our is the full-option version.  

    • Trigger Bot – This fires automatically when the enemy is in your crosshair 
    • Smoothening – Makes you aim as smoothly as possible, great for when you are being watched by the spectators 
    • Aim Prediction – Great for shooting a target on the move 
    • Auto-Switch – Changes your target to the next enemy once the first one is downed 
    • Hold Target – Holds your target in the enemy until you finish them 

    For the sake of keeping this short, you should check the full features list in the store section.  


    The PUBG Mobile Wallhack and ESP System

    The PUBG Mobile Wallhack and ESP are one and the same thing. People just come from different backgrounds, in which they use different names for the same tool. It includes the Visibility Check function, which shows you if an enemy can be shoot through solid surfaces or not. You can also watch for the exact position of your enemies through the wall. The ESP will display you the distance of the loot, the enemy’s names or health bars, weapons they might carry and many more. Use this information wisely, you can impress everyone by the way you call the shots, and make them believe that you are a natural-born leader. 

    Kradau Menu.png


    The PUBG Mobile Radar Hack

    The PUBG Mobile Radar Hack is the most wanted product by professional players. The tool is completely external and stream-proof, meaning that it cannot be seen by anyone if they watch your screen via any streaming program such as discord, or team viewer or anything else. The Radar Scans the entire map and displays the location of your enemies in real-time.  


    Cheats & Hacks PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Emulator 

    You might have noticed at this point that we have cheats and hacks for both PUBG Mobile and Emulator. The Emulator ones work only with Gameloop, we recommend contacting us before purchasing any of our tools so we can provide you with proper instructions. The Mobile ones work on the phone with certain updates and bypass, and again we advise you to contact us before getting any of them. Another thing is if you don’t know what an emulator is. It is a system that recreates on your PC the system of a phone, so basically you have a virtual phone on your PC, allowing you to play mobile games.  


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