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  1. Hello, everyone! Kradau and I welcome you to our new website. This is where you can talk about the cheats and hacks, along with get support, easy downloads, and even chat in the chat box with the community members! Discord tends to shut down our servers pretty often, and we will continue to keep on keeping with them and release any new server links here that may be produced if our servers get banned again. This will always be here, and most freuqent updated information will be added here before anywhere else! Now, lets get into what all of you are reading this for. The giveaway. We decided to give away a FREE 24 hour key to ONE random and lucky user on the website. Now you may be thinking, how do I get included in this? The answer is really simple. All you need to do is be registered on the site as at LEAST a member, with 5 POSTS. The more people you refer to the website will give you more chances to win in this giveaway. For every ONE person who registers and become an active member of the community (with 2 or more posts) you gain ONE extra chance to win in this giveaway! For more information on how to refer, please check out this -> Once the website reaches 150 users we will proceed to roll a random number generator, and the user number it lands on gets the key, as long as they have 5 posts. If they have less, we will REROLL until we land on a user with 5 or most posts. Now, if you want to get a chance to get the key quicker, the best thing you can do is invite your friends to this website to get them registered and get us to that 500 user count quicker! See you at 500. Happy hacking, Your Nameless Staff
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